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We offer a full flight training at a low fare for decades ; to achieve our goal we work with selected individuals who are highly motivated, professional and willing to give it their all to finish their training on a short period of time. If you suit this criteria, enroll now and let’s start bringing you from Zero to Airline  Pilot.  Your pilot’s license is waiting!


Upon course completion , graduated pilot will get  2 licenses depending on the country where they want to pursuie their career  


EASA ATPL License according to European Union Aviation Safety Rules.

FAA CPL  License according to American Federal Government Aviation Rules.

CAA License according to the Civil Aviation Authority , usually issued by the country where the training is held. 




This 0 to approved Integrated ATPL Training Programme has been designed to enable pilot students with no or little flying experience to operate as a first officer / airline transport pilot on a commercial aircraft operating public transport (passengers or cargo) according to the fast-track timeline : 



Focus on theory to get a broad view of all the subjects. This enables you to fly since month tree while continuing in-depth theory learning. You will be able to understand concepts among subjects and between flying and ground training.


MONTH  3-6 => ATPL THEORY + Initial VFR

Initial flight training towards the solo release, including the book UPRT module to guarantee a safe foundation.

This phase is combined with ATPL Theory, with regular internal exam and close follow up.


MONTH  7-10 => ATPL THEORY + Advanced VFR

During this phase, cross country flying is consolidated to proficiency in combination with basic instrument instruction and night flying.

ATPL Theory continues, and first official exams are completed.


MONTH  11-12 => Instrumental  + Multi Engine 

A large portion of the advanced IR, combining aeroplane and simulator instruction. Used to develop advanced flying skills, covering both PBN and conversational navigation. Pilot student at this stage is ready to learn the specifics of twin engine operations, while perfectionning his flying skills.


MONTH  13-14 => EXAMS  + Multi Engine + UPRT & APS MCC + Gliding

Advanced UPRT allows the skills for prevention and recovery of loss of control. 
APS MCC provides the best airline-oriented, multi-crew instruction with A320 or B737 instructors, including Full Flight Simulator.

Gliding allow you to perfect your flying technique and enhance your handling skills.



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Perfect your flying skills with the accurate Alsim flight simulator the best training tool ever made... it's like flying the real aircraft.

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